Our bodies are our garden, our wills are our gardeners. 

William Shakespeare

Why entrust me with your nutrition?

I teach you how to take care of your body with a varied and balanced DIET to attain physical and psychological well-being. In my philosophy, “diet” is interpreted in the broadest sense of the term as lifestyle and a conscious relationship with food in respect of your body.
It is a journey together where I guide you to explore intrinsic motivation in order to make changes in your lifestyle and diet. You are empowered to make choices for better health and to achieve a balanced relationship with food to accompany you for the rest of your life. I value collaboration and trust and you will be a fundamental part of the team to create your custom plan with a focus on health and not restriction!

25 Years

Providing the highest quality of food and service since 1934

25 Years

Providing the highest quality of food and service since 1934

Do you need a nutrition consultation?

My services are tailored on a case-by-case basis. We are unique and each one of us has his own body, genetics, medical history, food sensitivities, relationship with food and cultural identity. Together we can work on an achievable plan that suits your routine and needs.

Book your grocery store tour with me! Grocery stores can be tricky for how things are stocked and positioned with the purpose to drive our choices towards certain foods vs others. I help you to become aware of contextual factors nudging our choices and develop your shopping skills to build a healthy grocery cart while saving time, money, and energy.

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Do you want to transform your lifestyle?

This is a lifestyle overhaul program perfect for someone who wants to completely transform their health and nutrition and wants to be guided through every step of the way. It can be customized depending on your needs!

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