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Dr. Kay Toomey 

Why entrust me with your child's nutrition?

Many children at some point struggle with meals and food becuase eating is a very complex sensory and motor task. This is when I come into play to improve their experience with food, making it a fun sensory adventure. Play is the only tool I use to let your child explore and understand the different properties of food in a non-stressful way focused on increasing his comfort level.

Each child and each situation is unique and requires a tremendous amount of empathy and knowledge to get through. Sometimes we just need to work together on what you can do to have family meals in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere making sure that your little one has enough healthy food and develop a happy relationship with it. I will give you some tailor-made tools based on your child’s challenges and together we will improve what and how much he eats so that he grows up to become an healthy adult!

Does your child have a hard time with food?

It can be frustrating when family meals turn into a power struggle and you feel like you run out of resources to break the negative food patterns that have emerged. Eating is not instinctive and feeding problems are a result of a skill deficit but any child can learn the complex task of eating!

If you recognise some of these RED FLAGS. Your child:

we will help your child to reach his full potential together!

If you want to have a good start with your baby’s food, this consultation is just for you! It takes your child the first two years to master the demanding task of eating and acquire the oral motor skills to control food in their mouth. For me infant nutrition is of vital importance because the food that babies receive during their first months of life can have an impact on their long-term health. I’m here to guide you in how to support your baby in a safe and easy transition from milk to “real” food.

Do you need help transitioning from milk to real food?

Do you want to have the best nutrition while pregnant?

Good nutrition is important at all times in life, but particularly so during pregnancy. The maternal diet must be able to provide the nutrients for a healthy development of the foetus as well as sufficient energy and nutrients to meet the your requirements, and enable you to lay down stores of nutrients required for lactation.

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TIPS AND TRICKS to help your child have a better experience with food