WEBINAR - Baby Weaning & Postpartum Yoga

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Join me and Elena on the 21st and 28th of November at 4pm.
This is an online webinar divided in 2 sessions of 1 hour and and 30 minutes each including weaning and postpartum yoga lesson.
We meet online for two consecutive weeks and for the first hour we will talk about introducing solids to your baby´s diet and you will learn how to find a unique method that suits best your baby and your family in a non-stressful way so that your baby happily thrives during weaning. Subsequently you will be guided in a yoga lesson together with your baby by the expert yoga teacher Elena Boriani.
First day
➖Understand when your baby is ready for food other than their usual milk;
➖Choosing a good chair to develop correct motor skills;
➖Foods with which to start and how to transition to building balanced mini-meals in order to meet nutritional requirements;🍽
➖ Nutrients to which you need to pay particular attention;
➖The BABY LED APPROACH and parent’s attitude when feeding with puree or finger foods to help develop a good relationship with food;
➖30 min of yoga with your baby guided by the specialized yoga teacher Elena Boriani
Second day
➖Understand the difference between gagging or chocking;
➖FIRST AID - obstruction of airways in babies
➖Safe cuts and foods to avoid during the first year;
➖How to build a mealtime routine;
➖How to observe the gradual improvement in your baby’s eating skills and how to progress in texture between 6 to 12 months;
➖30 min of yoga with your baby guided by the specialized yoga teacher Elena Boriani
In addition you will get:
Plenty of space for questions to solve all your doubts.

Practical handout with weaning resources that you will receive immediately after the seminar. A guide that you can consult at any time and that summarizes the salient points of the seminar in order to have the information always at your disposal.

The recording of the webinar which will be available for you for one week.

Cost: 250dkk


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In this e-book you will find a weekly meal plan suitable for your weaning baby and for you, plus 12 recipes and many advices about how to ensure the best nutrition for your family.

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