One to one consultation 1 to 6 years

This consultation is for you if:

  • Family meals tend to turn into a power struggle and you feel like you run out of resources
  • Your child has developed some negative food patterns and you don’t know how to break the cycle
  • You are worried that your child might be picky with food and this affect their development

I will help you to:

  • Learn about the foundational skills needed for eating
  • Discuss pratical strategies to apply small changes for a joyful and relaxed atmosphere during family meals
  • Make sure that your little one has enough nutritious food and develop a happy relationship with it
  • Look out for red flags to understand if your child might need more help through SOS feeding therapy


  • 1 hour meeting online or in person preferably with both caregivers
  • Email with summary and pdf material 
  • One email to monitor your child progression 2 weeks after the consultation

Are you un-sure of which consultation you need?

You are welcome to contact me at any time as I would be happy to assist in finding the correct path for you.
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Mum and Baby Meal Plan

In this e-book you will find a weekly meal plan suitable for your weaning baby and for you, plus 12 recipes and many advices about how to ensure the best nutrition for your family.

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