SOS Feeding therapy

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Feeding therapy is for your child if:

  • Avoids all foods in a specific texture or food group (meat, vegetables, fruits, etc) 
  • Has less than 20 foods that they are able to consistently eat 
  • Has ongoing choking, gagging, or coughing during meals 
  • Cries and arches back at most meals or behaves with indifference 
  • Affects the meal situation among the rest of the family 

I will help you to:

  • Improve your child experience with food, making it a fun sensory adventure
  • Tailor-made tools to apply during the week based on your child’s challenges during the session 
  • Exapnd your child food repertoire so that they grow up to become an healthy adult


  • 12 therapy sessions (once per week) with child and one caregiver of 70 minutes (10 minutes of sensory preparation, 30-40 minutes of SOS food therapy depending on the child’s age, 15 minutes discussion with parents)
  • Weekly email with summary of previous session and instructions on material to prepare for next session
  • Final report on child’s progress
  • One email to monitor your child progression 1 month after the end of therapy

Are you un-sure of which consultation you need?

You are welcome to contact me at any time as I would be happy to assist in finding the correct path for you.
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Mum and Baby Meal Plan

In this e-book you will find a weekly meal plan suitable for your weaning baby and for you, plus 12 recipes and many advices about how to ensure the best nutrition for your family.

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